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Preserving the Cosmopolitan Club’s Heritage in Philadelphia is a panel discussion of preservation - its guardians and advocates, and the importance of 1616 Latimer to Philadelphia’s history and architecture(March 22, 2021). Speakers include Paul Steinke, distinguished Executive Director of the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia; Mary DeNadai, Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and award-winning historic preservation architect; and Inga Saffron, Pulitzer Prize-winning architectural critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer.


commentators on historic preservation Paul Steinke, Mary DeNadai, and Inga Saffron share their thoughts on the importance of 1616 Latimer Street to the architectural fabric of Philadelphia. 

Paul Stienke_0.jpg

Paul Steinke                              Mary DeNadai                    Inga Saffron

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