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Thank You

We wish to acknowledge the generous donors who have made a gift to the 1616 Latimer Fund from its inception in August 2020 to June 30, 2023.





*1616 Society members have pledged $16,160 or more over three years, concretely demonstrating their confidence and commitment to the transformation of the Cosmopolitan Club's beloved clubhouse, and inspiring others to follow suit.

Their generosity and vision exemplify Club founders’ bold commitment to diverse, cosmopolitan perspectives. This legacy is embodied in the 1616 Latimer building, as well as by the stimulating programs that have enriched the women who have gathered there for nearly 100 years.


Bookplate designed and signed by Violet Oakley (1874-1961), painter of the murals in the legislative halls of the Pennsylvania state capitol.

For more information, please contact us at or at 267-457-2172. 

Building on a Legacy Campaign

Gifts and Pledges

1616 Society Members*



Diana I. Bubb

Gail Hauptfuhrer

Susan Heyner

Marlene F. Milner

Dianne E Reed

Joan Wells



Patricia Daly

Cathy Dolan

Janice W. Woodcock, AIA



Robin H. Beck

Marjorie Brody

Christine Carlson

Dana Close

Linda Field

Peggy Hatch

Nancy Lanham

Margery P. Lee

Lynn Lees

Sevgi Rodan

Kathleen A. Stephenson

Shirley Trauger

Peggy Wachs

Susan West

Shelly Wolf

Helen Stephenson Weary

Other Building on a Legacy gifts


Jolley Christman

Stephanie Warakomski

Less than $10,000

Alice Dagit

Mary Warner DeNadai, FAIA

Peggy Duckett

Mary Duden

Barbara Elliott

Sondra Gutkind

Lisa Eizen

Carolyn Evans

Bonnie Freundlich

Pamela Freyd

Susan Huffman

Nancy Kneeland

Susan Linder

Susan Maxman

Mary Ann Meyers

Caroline Piven

Linda Robertson

Ann Satterthwaite

Bonnie Weiner



Less than $10,000

John Templeton Foundation

Early gifts establishing the 1616 Latimer Fund

Diana I. Bubb

Nancie W. Burkett

Patricia Daly

Cathy Dolan

Carolyn Evans

Linda Field

Peggy Hatch

Dianne E. Reed

Linda Robertson

Shirley Trauger

Helen Weary

Joan Wells

Dilys Winegrad

Shelly Wolf

Janice M. Woodcock

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

In memory of Marlene Feldman

Sally Baldus

Diana I. Bubb

Eileen Monahan Chopnick

Selma Cohen

Maurine Dooley

Vicki Markovitz and Larry Dubinski

Virginia H. Gray-Roddy

Joan Kane

Robin Lung

Elizabeth Burns Mahoney

Frances Miller

Joanne Reider-Evans

Sharon Richter

Ellen S. and James W. Slavin

Lizette Wallack

Ellen Wase

In memory of Lucinda (Cindy) Landreth

Shirley and Howard Trauger

In memory of  Shirley Luber

Catherine Lafarge

In honor of Dianne Reed

Susan and Richard Huffman

Susan Maxman and Rolf Sauer

In memory of  Phoebe Resnick

The Clubhouse Committee of the Cosmopolitan Club

In Memory of Toni Seymour

Susan Heyner Joshi

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